Writer supports O’Brien for state Senate

I am so excited to have an amazing candidate to support for Iowa Senate Seat 49, which covers my area, from Clinton to Princeton, west to Park View and south to Le Claire and I-80.

Dorothy O’Brien is notably a very accomplished civil rights attorney in the area of employment law and a candidate the caliber of which we don’t often see.

She is also a small business entrepreneur, selling her homegrown organic produce at the Farmers’ Market and creating and marketing Iowa wine.

Dorothy is focused on the economy, jobs creation and healthy food.  She has spent her career representing working people to make sure their rights are protected in the workplace and supports equal rights for all.  Her willingness to run and serve in the Iowa Senate makes me more hopeful about politics than I have been in some time.

 I encourage you to get to know her and to help her in any way you can.  Even if you do not live in her district, securing a seat with a person of Dorothy's experience, temperament and commitment to equal rights for all in this critical time in Iowa's history is something we should all care about.  I will be doing all I can to help Dorothy get elected.  Learn more at  her website at www.obrienforiowa.com.

Cathy Bolkcom,

Le Claire

A short while ago I came across a pension fund that was formerly in the First National Bank of Chicago. It is the Curtis Companies pension fund. For whatever reason, the fund was lost to the owner/owners.  In 2004, the bank turned the fund over to the unclaimed property division in Des Moines, Iowa.  

The amount is $360,010. It should be returned either to the owner of the company, or its employees, whoever is the rightful owner/owners, or their heirs.

Sharon Knape,


Are you kidding me? Seriously?

How ironic that we waited until we had the solid waste increase shoved down our throats to nail us again with another increase.

What part of quit stealing from us do you not understand? Another stupid thing our city council did and we have to pay for it.

How long do we have to keep paying for all of your mistakes that seem to be happening quite often?

Where did the last increase go that you forced us to pay?

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this either as soon as we get the treatment plant up and running and you realize how much you went over budget on it and we have to pay again for your mistakes.

Like I said before this town is a joke and it keeps getting funnier by the minute.

I pray to God we all remember this come re-election time.

Ron Wynkoop,


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