Visitor’s bureau director calls for consistent start date

The current law for school start date is that Iowa schools need to start after Labor Day. It was drafted when Governor Branstad was in the office the first time.

The law remains on the books, however, schools have been allowed to apply for waivers with no reason required. Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau as a member of the Travel Federation of Iowa is simply asking that Iowa enforce the current law and have even suggested moving the earliest start date in Iowa law to the fourth Monday of August.

Some points to take into consideration for a later school start date are as follows:

1. Tourism businesses having to close early in the season due to school age employees going back to school and leave jobs such as concession stand workers, waiters, etc. This includes municipal pools as well.

Many seasonal businesses such as in the Okoboji area are forced to close early when school starts.  Even our own city’s pool closes early because their lifeguards go back to school.  

2. Families not taking August vacations because their children are back in school or readying to go back.

3. School days being cut short due to the heat in August and schools spending more energy dollars on air conditioning during the hotter days of August.

4. Working students depend on the money they receive from these summer jobs and early school start dates take this income away from them.

5. We have asked for proof that starting school earlier is better for students.  No such proof exists. The truth is that some bordering states that start after Labor Day are now ahead of Iowa in student performance.

Tourism in Iowa is a $6 billion business, basically it’s largest industry, and taking away the month of August from tourism can cause some businesses to lose up to $1 million.  This is a huge deficit.

Let’s follow the law and give our summers back to our students and their families.

The president of the Iowa Travel Federation, Shirley Phillips of Sac City, who is a former school board member/president states, “Let’s continue to improve Iowa’s education programs.  Let’s promote student achievement and performance-based pay for quality teachers and let’s gain the valuable workforce that our state needs.  Let’s allow our businesses to stay “open for business,” so that they can make a living and invest in their employees and communities.

Marsha Smith,

Clinton Convention

& Visitors Bureau

CCC offers changes

I have learned a great many things from attending college.  It has changed my entire outlook and attitude toward life in general.

Before my freshman year at Clinton Community College I was shy, and turned away from seemingly impossible challenges. Nonetheless, as I attended classes and became more familiar with the college lifestyle, it all changed from that point on.

Public speaking definitely played a huge role in my overall success. I learned the skills to be more confident and comfortable to speak with, or to, anyone at any given moment. Because of this I can conquer anything thrown at me.

Over the last couple of years, attending college has been rewarding.  From months of dedication and inflexible studying habits, I have gained a strong work ethic.

But most important, I have acquired self-confidence.  I consider myself versatile whether it is sitting at a desk studying or out in the field constructing.

Moreover, it doesn’t make a difference to me if I fail at something, or if people decide to ridicule or try to discourage me; I’ll just work harder to do it better than I did the first time. I realize that it is necessary to risk failure in order to gain success.  People have always said before, that nothing is impossible; I know that now.

Now, I welcome the challenge. Whether I succeed or fail is irrelevant; it is only important that I have tried and tested myself.

“Believe with all your hear that you will do what you were made to do.”

Attending college is by far the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I give the highest rating and encourage anyone to start their education experience at CCC.

Kevin Goddard,



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