Schools and city need to stop raising taxes

Currently, Iowa ranks as the 18th highest taxing state. However, those localities that incorporate those nasty little surtaxes like the Clinton School District does successfully get to be included within the top 10 percenters.

So I see the cavalier attitude of “just raise taxes” our Clinton School Boards have demonstrated for the past two decades has gotten us where? And why? And yes, it is partially true that these taxes have been raised so our state representatives and governor can brag about lowering taxes while quietly dumping the cuts back to the local tax payer. So I was not surprised when yet another current Clinton school administrator made the “just raise taxes” comment once again, keeping the fine tradition of raising taxes.

Clinton County ranks 1,272 of highest taxing bodies out of a total of 3,140 counties. Yet our overall per capita income has been dropping since 2009 while the overall tax burden has risen every year on these lower incomes. I can’t wait to see how the local property owner will fair when the ridiculously high manufacturing and business taxes begin to be reduced by Iowa legislators. Perhaps another flat fee to cover the shortfall will be introduced to the city council by our city administrator, who seems to enjoy cost of living increases the average Clinton resident does not see.

I cannot help but wonder why this current city administrator is not held accountable for the current financial disasters facing this community. He also championed the switch to automated garbage pickup.

So I guess the buck doesn’t stop at the administrator’s desk, it just keeps on bouncing around city hall not stopping with even the mayor’s desk as well, just keeps getting passed on.

I find it amazing that a little simple math exercise was obviously not used when computing the figures of the automated garbage system.

Let’s see if an orange garbage sticker costs $1 per sticker and if we get rid of them and go automated without software, or any organization or oversight (city administrator duties) to ensure this project, why this project will be a huge success.

And the buck just keeps on bouncing down the halls of city hall. I suppose no one’s paid enough to pick it up. Probably needs a “buck stops here” fee.

Robert Mueller, Clinton

Reader: City is making wrong decisions

First I would like to comment on the solid waste meeting held a week ago  Saturday and would like to thank John Rowland for organizing it.

I see now it was a waste of time but a good gesture anyway.

Now for the problem at hand. I cannot believe we are going to spend more of our money again on some stupid lawyers that gave us stupid advice the first time and we were too stupid to see it. My question is where was the city attorney when this was going on. What do we pay him for if he can't give us a direction to go on such a matter as this and we end up paying thousands of dollars of our money over and over again. I have to agree with Mr. O'Neill and see that we have no chance at all to win this and how sad it is we give you all the authority to waste our money like this just to cover up what you all are so afraid of what we might see on all them closed door meetings you had.

I thought things would change when we got a new mayor but I guess I was wrong.

We still do stupid things to make this town a joke.

Ron Wynkoop, Clinton