Gateway Red Cross marks volunteering week

“Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay,” penned speechwriter Robert Orben.

This National Volunteer Week, April 15 to 21, the Gateway Area Chapter of the American Red Cross is celebrating our own dedicated volunteers and partners, the people who make the American Red Cross run.

Each year, Gateway area disaster response volunteers bring food, shelter, comfort and hope to more than 120 neighbors faced with rebuilding after a disaster, such as fire, flood, or tornado.

Volunteers give selflessly of their time to support our weekly chapter sponsored blood drives or to donate blood.  Other volunteers step forward to coordinate Red Cross blood drives at their employers, churches, and other community locations.

Volunteers provide services to members of the military, veterans and their families, including communications linking military members to their loved ones during an emergency.

Red Cross volunteers teach first aid, CPR, swimming, babysitting, and other health and safety courses. They staff community fairs to encourage their neighbors to learn these lifesaving skills and organize celebrations to recognize people who use their Red Cross training to save lives.

If you’re looking to serve your community, become a Red Cross volunteer. Right now the Gateway Area Chapter especially needs people who want to make a difference. To volunteer, contact me at (563) 242-5223 or via email at

Amber Wood,

Gateway Area Red Cross

Disappointed about bike path

I once again am very disappointed in our city council and others that may have had input on the bike path on 27th Avenue North.

Unfortunately no one asked the homeowners for any input before this measure was passed. Yes apparently there was a grant involved, however so are city funds. The city complains of being nearly broke, so broke that they want to eliminate another police officer and city workers.

Well I ask you how can we afford a bike path when we cannot afford so many other things that are needed?

So I came home from the Mayo Clinic and said what the heck are all these flags in our yard, only to talk to neighbors to be told a new 10-foot bike path is going in our front yards...yes right in our front yards. Neighbors have to move ponds, trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Why? I guess so kids can ride their bikes safely to school. Well a simple sidewalk to Eagle Heights would have solved that problem and for a lot less money.

One lone opposing vote came from Paul Gassman, well kudos to him for not swallowing all the propaganda thrown to him and using his own mind and reasoning to vote “no.”  The rest of you just follow the crowd, which is what you are best at.  Of course if it was going in your front yard I am sure you would have wanted some input.

Sad to say, they had a meeting for April 6 and a small blurb in the paper changed it to the 5th....which most people never saw.  One of the people that did go said she asked who was responsible for snow removal?

She was told the homeowner is. It was bad enough to get our small sidewalks shoveled, let alone a 10-foot biking path.  Incidently my husband is 70 and I am disabled.

Who is responsible if someone gets hurt in front of our homes? That was a question asked and the person that went said no one called them back.  Not surprising.

You can rest assured that the next time it is time to vote...I hope it is goodbye to all you followers and we get some leadership in Clinton.

Merlyn Law,


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