On Monday, Feb. 5, Democrats from every precinct in Iowa will gather as neighbors to organize for the elections ahead, to elect representatives to their county conventions and central committees, and to share their ideas for making an even stronger Iowa Democratic Party.

Your voice is needed. Writing the statement of policies, principles, legislative goals and resolutions of the Democratic Party begins at the precinct (or township) level and the county conventions.

If you are concerned by events that are occurring or not occurring in our state and national governments, this is your chance to be a part of writing the platform of the Democratic Party. The platform of the Clinton County Democratic Party is an influence on the state and national platforms. The continuation of democracy and the quality of life in our communities requires citizen awareness and involvement.

At the caucuses, we will begin the process of adding to and revising our platform. This is a chance for people to influence the policies of the Democratic Party. The platform of the Clinton County Democratic Party includes a statement of principles and resolution sections dealing with agriculture, the economy, education, the environment, labor, wages, pensions and insurance, government, human services, health care, international affairs and veterans’ affairs.

The Democratic Party welcomes people of all ages, religious faiths, national origins, races, cultures and financial levels. Everybody is welcome to attend. The doors at all caucus sites will open at 6 p.m. Discussions will begin promptly at 7 p.m. Attendees are asked to be checked in by that time.

Democrats will be meeting at various locations throughout Clinton County. The locations are posted on our website and will be posted in newspapers throughout the county. For a list of caucus sites and to read the platform adopted in 2016 go to our website at www.clintoncountydemocrats.org

Richard Kissack,


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