This week, we were again reminded of the important issue of organ and tissue donation.

A beautiful 22-year-old girl was tragically taken from our community However, she had registered as an organ donor and because of this she will live on in the hearts of recipients she never met.

The issue is very important to our family as our son, Greg Daniels, suffered kidney failure and has been waiting for a kidney for over a year and a half.

Members of our family were tested for donation but no match was found.

He is only one of many who go through the trying weekly treatments, hoping and praying for a match but thankful for the lifesaving benefit that dialysis has brought him.

Statistics show that over 69,000 patients are waiting for transplants and every year many of those die while waiting. As of Sept. 5, in Iowa, there were 16 patients waiting for a heart, 60 for a liver, four for a pancreas and 358 for kidneys.

That is why we are urging everyone to join the Iowa Donor Program and help save lives. You can review information and register at, or by calling 1-877-366-6742 for more information.

Wayne and Shirley Daniels,


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