I’m writing this to make pet owners aware of some boarding kennels.

We had a bad experience last week with our 13-year-old black lab. She acquired an ear infection while in the care of a boarding kennel. They did not do anything to correct this problem. No call to the vet. We picked her up after four days in the boarding kennel’s care. Her ear was so bad you couldn’t stand the smell on the ride home.

Needless to say we contacted our vet to get medication as soon as possible Sunday morning. At the time we picked up our dog there was no one there. The kennel was under no supervision. It was unlocked. Anyone could walk in or out. There was feces in two or three of the kennels and urine in two or three of the kennels.

We never realized this kennel was being run that way. Especially in light of the recent stories in the news media about dogs being stolen out of peoples yards. It’s a scary thought to think it could have been our 13-year-old lab who we’ve had since a puppy.

The boarding kennel, after we contacted them, wasn’t even aware of the problem. For the life of me I can’t possibly believe you couldn’t detect that kind of infection. We paid to have them care for our pet. They didn’t!

This isn’t about the money, it’s about getting paid for a job and not doing it. So pet owners beware of where you board your animals.

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