It’s sad to see prejudice is still alive and thriving amount our council people. The disrespect and disdain towards the residents of South Clinton is very evident.

Mr. Soesbe says removing two large trees for a park isn’t warranted for 29 students, what about preschoolers and adults. He wasn’t worried about the 100-year-old trees being torn down for the expansion. To say only South Clinton residents used the park is like saying only north-end people use Eagle Point. We had little leagues and adult teams use the ball field and families from all parts of Clinton use this park for family reunions, birthday parties and get-togethers.

They have this city in such financial stress it may never see the light of day. That’s the real reason they don’t want to replace the park, the money they received for the park is to be used to replace it, not hidden away in the general fund and squandered away.

That money isn’t meant to be used to ease their financial mess, or is it you can’t replace what was here for what you sold it for. We want back what you took.

Judy Edfors,


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