As in similar situations, writing or complaining about the 19th Avenue North project probably won’t do us much good. It happens whether you want it to or not!

But, like Tom and Nan Waldorf, who wrote into the Clinton Herald, we also haven’t had any communication from the city regarding how close this road will come to our property.

We live in the wooded area on 19th Avenue North but because of the dead end, in order to get access to our house, you have to use 23rd Avenue North Our home is surrounded by woods and we see all kinds of wildlife from our front window.

After living in various homes in Clinton, we finally found this property and thought to ourselves… location, location, location! We’ve lived here almost seven years now and especially love the solitude. Imagine our disappointment when we discovered that in the near future, we could have a highway to look at from our front window instead of the beautiful wildlife. So, like the Waldorfs, the city will not get a positive response from us either.

Why are they so eager to build new roads when they can’t fix the ones we currently have? What about the Lyons district? If this new road allows drivers to bypass Lyons, how will that affect their business? How many of them are not happy with this?

So, my question to the city engineer is this: Do we sell our home now? Do we wait and try to sell it when there is a highway in the front yard? Or are you going to knock on the door telling us you’re tearing it down?

Although the Clinton area has been home to us for all our life, answers to these questions will surely help us to decide whether to remain in Clinton or not.