The City Council this week once again demonstrated its total lack of concern for the safety of the people they represent by failing to fully install the new code and use the uniform plumbing code.

It was a disgrace that the state had to step in and mandate a code for our city in the first place.

Now the City Council is doing everything it can to subvert that mandate. Evidently, they want to make it easier for fly-by-night contractors and slum lords to do shoddy work.

People in Clinton have gotten sick and been sent to the hospital and, yes, even died because this city has refused over the last 75 years to join the thousands of cities in our country that have a strong code to protect its citizens.

Doctors the world over will tell you that good plumbing is the best disease-fighter there is. And that is what the uniform plumbing code is, good plumbing.

I would like to remind the council that the bill that was passed was done so by a large margin and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind which city the bill was aimed at.

Do we really want to make them act again?

This total disregard for the safety of our citizens is unconscionable.

I cannot help but wonder who on the council is behind this, or maybe who is behind the council that is promoting this.

Because surely we did not elect people who are this callous? Or did we?

Highland Nichols,


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