We live in the part of Clinton that is south of the railroad tracks.

At the present time the homes west of South Fourth Street are being bought by Archer Daniels Midland. If the homes do not have a “Notice: No Trespassing” sign on them, they are still owned by residents who are either getting ready to move or are in the process of doing so.

Hosta plants were stolen from our front yard. Was anyone courteous enough to knock on a door at the house or next door to inquire about the plants? No! They were gone when we got up in the morning.

The plants were big enough that had they asked we would have shared. But no, the thieves were out working. Should they be caught the judge should throw the book at them. It is not just the thought of missing plants but the violation of our private property, the mental anguish that is caused to the residents who own the property.

Tourism is great in this section of Clinton. We wonder if it is people coming to see what ADM is doing or is it someone looking to see what they can come back and steal. It is sad that we no longer feel safe in our neighborhood. All because of some unsavory characters who choose to do wrong.

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