Easton Valley parent: Invest in schools

As a graduate of Preston High School who was lucky to attend classes in the halls of East Central and share sports with Northeast, I’m proud to now send my children to Easton Valley.

I feel blessed that we have a small school that provides quality education with a caring and qualified staff. It's also great that my children can choose to be involved in a variety of sports and activities if they want to when the time comes. I also am proud to call Preston home. The amazing support our communities find when they want to back something is just phenomenal. It has been a privilege to be on committees to help build a new park in Preston, and to help others in need when disaster hits or when tragedy occurs. Now we need to give that support to our school district that seeks to provide our students with the buildings they deserve.

Our students and staff need a safe and comfortable building to learn and work in. Is a building what makes our students? No, but if you have the choice, wouldn’t you choose to work and learn in a building that is the best that is available? How distracting is it to a student who is trying to learn when there is risk of the ceiling falling on them? How unfair is it to the student in a wheelchair that they can’t attend library time with their class because it is on the second floor? How do you tell a grandparent they can’t visit the preschool classroom because it is not handicap accessible? Our students, staff, parents, and community all deserve better!

I encourage you to take the time to educate yourself on the facts that the school district has provided, not on propaganda that is being mailed to people that skews the truth and discourages progress in maintaining our buildings. Put yourself in the shoes of our students and staff who walk those halls daily and look at what is the best option for them. Take the time to vote yes at the Jackson County Courthouse before September 10 or at the polls on September 11.

Trisha Manthei,