As the superintendent of Easton Valley, it is my job to advocate for the young people we serve in our schools. Working alongside this incredible staff and seeing the extraordinary learning our students are doing in our classrooms every day, I regularly see the needs that must be addressed in our schools.

We have honest needs that are negatively impacting children, school staff, and families that visit our buildings. I am proud of the fact that on February 6, each adult member of our community will have an opportunity to cast a vote to support or decline the passing of a bond that will address the safety, accessibility and learning space issues in our schools.

In the interest of our children, I sincerely ask each voter to consider placing the issues that once divided our community where they belong, in the past. Please carefully consider your vote based on the true merit of the proposed solutions addressing our needs. Seek opportunities to learn the facts from a knowledgeable source rather than succumb to published misinformation or personal attacks. It is unfortunate that inaccurate information about me and our schools still diverts attention away from what is best for our students. I hope that the good people of Easton Valley see through the negativity that seems to thrive here and there in our communities. We must keep the focus on what this election is really about, which is our kids. With that greatest of all possible goals, we will positively move ahead.

Please know that our school board and I understand the concerns our residents have expressed related to taxes. To demonstrate our understanding of that concern, we have worked diligently to make changes on our end to offset any tax increase that could result from a successful bond referendum. In fact, we are absolutely confident that even with the passage of the vote, we will be able to keep our property tax rate at approximately $15 or less for the next five years, which is as far out as we can reasonably project.

I would like to thank the many great people from both sides of the issue that I have had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with. We have done our very best to accurately communicate the facts of the bond referendum, but nothing can be as effective as a one-on-one conversation. As the election approaches, I would be more than happy to sit down with any members of our community who have additional questions. Please reach out to me via phone or email if I can be of any assistance and, most importantly, make your voice heard by casting your vote on February 6, 2018.

Chris Fee,

Easton Valley School District superintendent

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