Since I believe most of the population in Clinton and the surrounding area want to know facts about current events, I must respond to a recent Letter to the Editor claiming 18 school shootings thus far this year (in just over six weeks). Please remember you do not have to take my word for this, as all it will take is a 7-second Google search to confirm, which apparently was not done by last week’s author.

Let’s begin with the very first case that Everytown included in their list of 18 shootings. It involved a suicidal war veteran suffering from PTSD. He ended up shooting and killing himself, at night, in the parking lot of a school that had been mothballed and unoccupied for the previous seven months. One down. I leave it to the reader to do that 7-second Google search and find the truth behind the remaining 17 “school shootings.”

The quoted statistic of 18 school shootings comes from the web site Everytown for Gun Safety. It is an anti-gun organization backed by Michael Bloomberg, a wealthy liberal politician. This statistic of 18 school shootings has been picked up and widely reported as fact by MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, MSN, the BBC, CNBC, Politico, The Huff Post, the New York Daily News, and USA Today, all of which are now suffering embarrassing exposures of their unverified and biased reporting, which has been a staple of their “news reporting” for months, fueled by fake news fed to them by Russian operatives. (Didn’t Mitt Romney warn of this?)

This recent murderous rampage at a Florida school screams for legislative attention. The absolute first step is repeal of the ridiculous “Weapons Free Zone” laws that have done nothing but create “Victim Rich Environments.” Once normal people who choose to be allowed to defend themselves at all times are able to confront a mentally deranged shooter, then we can see how quickly the problem is solved and estimate the number of lives saved.

Which brings up a second two-part solution. Serious amendments to HIPAA privacy laws need to be made such that anyone can report suspicion of serious mental health issues to people who can do something about it. But the second part of doing something about it is where Iowa has proceeded on a train wreck course of slashing mental health funding and treatment services. We will get what we pay for, and nothing more.

In the interest of opening a dialogue on this issue I offer the following. It is easy to find wording in the Constitution regarding firearms (the right to keep and bear arms). But one has to use a stretch of interpretation to find the Constitutional right to abortion. Even so, I will trade you my Second Amendment right to firearms for your right to abortion, which has resulted in the murder of over 600,000 innocent babies last year in the U.S. There are compromises to be had for both sides. Your move.

Lester Shields,


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