Your local United Way needs your help! Due to unforeseen disasters and economic changes, this year’s United Way campaign will be short of our goal. Several businesses and individuals that usually give, have not given yet this year. You may ask, “Why should I give? Why should I help someone else instead of doing something for myself?”

As we found with hurricanes, flooding, fires and mudslides, people cannot plan when hard times will strike. When it happens, a hand up – not a hand out – can help an individual or family get back on their feet. Think of family, friends, and co-workers who got through difficulties when someone reached out to help.

Did you know that the Clinton YWCA’s Empowerment Center recently helped a family find housing and case management assistance? This family has now been blessed with further assistance from their church and neighbors. Thanks to your contributions to the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa, the YWCA was able to help this family improve their living conditions and make a better life for themselves in the community.

Did you know that Family Resources, through their Braking Traffik program, helped a victim break free from a human trafficking ordeal and begin rebuilding her life? The Braking Traffik program is there to help victims with any legal, housing, and emotional needs. They work closely with area police and school districts to prevent human trafficking and help victims have a normal life.

Did you know that United Way donations help students in the DeWitt, Northeast, and Clinton school districts become stronger readers? The AmeriCorps Reading Program uses evidenced-based techniques to help over 30 students improve their reading and comprehension skills, which gives them a better chance at success at school and in life.

United Way of Clinton County, Iowa needs your support to fund over 20 agencies that help residents of Clinton and the surrounding area have a better life. The return on your investment is more than double what you give and lasts for a lifetime.

You can help by making a donation to the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa today. You can go to our website and make a donation electronically, or mail one to the address on that page. You can also call the office at 242-1209 for additional guidance.

Please help us help others. Help us to fight united for the residents of Clinton County who need help.

Maureen Miller,

Marketing Committee Chair, United Way of Clinton County, Iowa

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