I am a former area resident and a current member of the Clinton Humane Society. I visit friends in Clinton and enjoy reading the area’s newspapers. I have been following the Humane Society controversy in both the Herald and the Quad-City Times.

Wow! What a difference in coverage of this story in these two newspapers. The Times treats it as a news story and sticks to the facts. The Herald puts most of its coverage of this story on its Opinion page so it can ignore the facts, slander the Humane Society board and present their “opinions” as facts.

I listened to the Nov. 14 City Council meeting. Those speaking against the Humane Society board were silly. They were forced to admit that the animals at the shelter were being very well taken care of.

Their only complaints were about one of them being fired and one of them being voted off the board. Isn’t the most important issue here the animals? If the animals are taken care of, in the most caring and humane way possible, isn’t the work being done?

The City Council wisely concluded that the Humane Society is fulfilling its obligation to the city and the council will stay out of the controversy, but I bet we don’t hear the end of this! Those speaking against the Humane Society don’t sound like they really care about the shelter fulfilling its obligations and taking care of the animals.

I think that they (and the Herald) should stop harassing the good people who have volunteered to serve on the Humane Society Board of Directors. Let them get on with their work of protecting the animals. Enough already!

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