I grew up in Clinton and spent many years at the Meadowview Pool.

I have lived in Atlanta for the past 12 years. Each summer we return to Clinton for several weeks and one of the highlights of this time for my boys is going to the Meadowview Pool.

My husband recently accepted a position in the Clinton area and we were overjoyed to find out we would be moving “home.” As my husband began his search for a house (I stayed behind to finish teaching) my one requirement was that he purchase a house in the Meadowview Heights or Rolling Meadows area so my boys could walk to “the pool.”

He found several houses he liked but only one that met the above criteria. Knowing that joining the pool would mean so much to me and an easy way for my boys (who are somewhat hesitant about moving) to make new friends, we bought the house in Rolling Meadows.

I happily sent off the money to the Meadowview Pool Committee and have used this pool as a leverage when my boys get sad about leaving Atlanta. I have shared with them stories about taking “the test” before you were allowed to swim in the deep end, tricks they could learn to do off the diving board and the many friends they would make.

I was shocked to open my mail recently to find my uncashed check along with a letter explaining the pool would not open this year or possibly ever! We move to Clinton next week. I have yet to tell my boys the sad news about the pool.

Is there a Save the Pool Committee forming? I would happily pay extra and sponsor another family and am confident that there are many others like myself who would pitch in to keep the pool and the memories alive.

From what I understand the amount of money needed to be raised is not a huge amount and could easily be tackled by interested families as well as corporate sponsors. I am so happy to be returning “home” and look forward to making lasting memories for my boys of all of the great places Clinton has to offer.

Please help keep the Meadowview Pool one of them.

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