Along with hundreds of other interested Democrats, I attended Representative Polly Butka’s Corn Boil to hear some of the presidential candidates speak. While any of the candidates would be a great contrast to the present president, I was most impressed with Senator John Edwards.

Other candidates connected with the crowd by discussing how our town got its name or talking about their childhood experiences going to baseball games. They were entertaining enough, but what I appreciated most was that Senator Edwards spoke in specific terms about what must be done to make our country the truly great nation it has been and can be again. We need specifics and we need change.

As Senator Edwards explains in his Campaign To Change America, it is not acceptable that 37 million people in America are living in poverty and that 46.6 million people are living without health insurance coverage.

It is not acceptable that we continue to get daily death tolls of soldiers in Iraq, mired in the midst of a civil war. It is not acceptable that Americans are working harder and longer while feeling that they have less control over their job. But most significantly Senator Edwards articulates his plan to provide every American with quality healthcare, to guarantee all our children a good education regardless of economic class and to strengthen labor unions, such an important step to help Americans gain more control over their workplaces and lives.

He also speaks of the need to have a responsible de-escalation of troops from Iraq, supporting the troops by bringing them home.

After the current administration we will have a big job to do to turn our nation around. We need a leader who cannot only present a good idea but can also explain how programs can be implemented that realize those ideas. For that reason Senator Edwards is my candidate.

I hope others will take a look at him and consider all that he offers us, knowing, too, that he sees in us all we have to bring to the table to make this truly One America. John Edwards offers hope — vote for change.

Susan J. Wolfe,


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