I am an employee of the Easton Valley School District, who also happens to be a resident and taxpayer in the Northeast School District.

I love my job and the community that I work for. It disappoints me that some residents of the Easton Valley School District don’t want to make much-needed improvements to their school because of taxes.

Residents of the Northeast district, like myself, pay and have paid some of the highest property tax rates in the area for many years. In fact, 53.76 percent of my property taxes go to the Northeast School District.

On top of that, Northeast residents have been charged as much as a 20 percent income surtax on top of the property taxes in order to fund the beautiful facilities in our community. It does not sit well with me that some people choose to send their kids to be educated in nice buildings that others are paying for, but are unwilling to invest in the schools for the children in the community where they call home.

Sure, the Northeast District has nice buildings but we will be paying for them for many years to come. How many communities close their school and lose so many of their businesses? Do the right thing and vote yes on Feb. 6 for the students of the Easton Valley School District and their future. They deserve it.

Doris Roling,


Serve your communityby giving to Salvation Army

Thank you for every penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar you contributed to the Salvation Army red kettles during the Christmas season. More than $105,000 was raised because of your generosity.

The funds received cover more than half of the Clinton Salvation Army operating budget for the whole year. And what are the operations funded?

n For Christmas assistance this year we served 148 families, a 50 percent increase from last year, with 144 kids from 66 of those families receiving toys, clothes and toiletries from our Toy Shop/Angel Tree program.

n In addition, 30 kids went to Summer Camp, with some winning awards that will make them swell with pride for the rest of their lives.

n In 2017, our food pantry served around 8,000 people, with nearly 3,500 food pantry orders that filled the tummies of people of all ages, people right here in our community.

n An average of 25 to 30 kids attend Youth Night, where kids gather together for a hot meal and for character building activities. Young people are learning life skills through music, games, crafts, and the Bible. There is no charge, and everyone is welcome.

n The Pathway of Hope serves six families developing goals to improve their lives. They commit to weekly meetings to monitor their progress as they change their lives, one day at a time.

These programs serve the community and strengthen our community, but only with funding from the community. The Salvation Army needs your help to fill the kettle. Our need is $15,000 to ensure these important programs will continue in our community. Please consider making a donation to the Clinton Salvation Army so that we can continue to help the poor and disenfranchised. Lts. Justin and Stephanie Hartley can answer any questions about specific Salvation Army programs.

Thank you for your generosity!

Clinton Salvation ArmyAdvisory Board,

Gregg Crawford, Angela Drury, Ann Eisenman, Sen. Rita Hart, Andrew Kida, Cheryl May,Tom McEleney, Chad Seely,Mary Seely, Dawn White

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