On Sunday, April 22, 5 p.m., Clinton’s Riverview Bandshell

Join us to March for Our Lives and continue the groundswell.

In Clinton on March 24th, a foot of wet, heavy snow fell —

As thousands rallied elsewhere, we postponed for a spell.

Listen to students share passionate thoughts and tell

Their pleas to bid violence on streets and in schools farewell.

Share in prayer and music by a group named Stockwell,

As a community of compassion, let us march and jell.

Inspired by Parkland, Florida students whose classmates fell

While “tat-tat-tat” bullets zipped by faster than a gazelle.

“Oh, dear God!” they prayed and cried out with a yell

Over injured friends, some laid to aid and help be well,

Under dead friends, others found a place to dwell.

“Lay down your life for your friends” Scripture in Bethel

Now a lesson in schools during mass murders from hell.

Let us promote nonviolence and peace, in a nutshell.

What satisfaction is there to kill with an assault rifle or shell?

Whether deer for ‘sport’ or humans with grenade shrapnel?

How often do the “donnnnggg” chimes of a church bell

Resound and reverberate so deeply a solemn death knell

As from victims of gun violence, a last breath does expel?

In our culture of violence with guns legal to buy and sell —

Let us have a conversation about laws to pass and repel.

Let us please march and pray Never Again, we compel.

Lanie Lass,


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