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This letter was written by Dr. Mark Dion and Dr. Anoop Aggarwal, and also signed with the name of each employee of the Medical Associates and Mercy Oncology Team.

For many years, Medical Associates and Mercy Medical Center have served the needs of our cancer patients in the region. For our patients who are in — or have been through — a personal battle against cancer, we have worked together to provide the very best care for medical and radiation oncology. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated employees at each location, who are compassionate and skilled at providing oncology services so patients can receive the highest level of care and treatment here in the Clinton area.

Today, the linear accelerator at Mercy's Radiation Oncology Center is in need of replacement. The machine delivers the radiation treatment that destroys the cancer cells. Mercy Healthcare Foundation has launched a $2 million capital campaign, "A Thousand Reasons Why," to purchase the new machine and build an addition for a vault. The campaign has raised 84 percent of the goal and must raise the remaining $300,000 this year to secure the Clinton County Development Association pledge of $500,000.

Patients who receive radiation therapy often receive treatments every day for one week to eight weeks. The Radiation Oncology service, which is offered as a joint service of the Department of Radiation Oncology of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, brings the highest standards of patient care right to our area. Since inception, thousands of treatments have been provided to help people in their fight against cancer. Without this service locally, patients would need to travel an hour or two to the next closest cancer center for radiation therapy. To continue to provide the best patient care, we must replace the linear accelerator.

The advanced technology of the new linear accelerator will provide additional benefits to our patients. The treatment time, which can average 15 to 20 minutes, will be reduced as the machine can provide arc therapy, a continuous treatment rotation around the location of the tumor. In addition, the new technology offers greater accuracy in treating each unique and individual tumor while also treating tumors that are deeper in the body.

On behalf of our physicians and teams for Medical Associates Medical Oncology and Mercy Medical Center Radiation Oncology, we ask your support as we seek community help to raise the remaining amount. Please send your pledge or donation to Mercy Healthcare Foundation, 1410 N. 4th St., Clinton, Iowa, or make plans to support the 5K on October 21 when we "Come together to Finish the Fight." Log in to sign up for the walk at or call Mercy Healthcare Foundation at 244-3535. If you can't walk with us on that day, join as a "spirit walker." You may also donate in memory or in honor of a loved one that has been impacted by cancer. The joint effort of our oncology teams aims to benefit you — our neighbors, friends and family members — as we continue to fight against this disease.

Dr. Mark Dion

Dr. Anoop Aggarwal

Bobbie Redick

Darla Olson

Danae Wunderlich

Lisa Law

Kim Kunde

Barb Hlubek

Malinda Baker

Marla Naeve

Corinna Waidelich

Heather Green

Rebecca Kramer

Rebecca Heald