Reader backs McIntyrefor treasurer

I don’t know how you feel about our county elected-officeholders, but I like people who are ethical and hardworking, who treat others well, and who exhibit integrity in their decision-making, looking out for the citizens of Clinton County. That’s why I will vote to re-elect Rhonda McIntyre for county treasurer in the June 5 primary.

I don’t want a treasurer who has been referenced as being one of a group of legislators who witnessed or perpetrated sexual harassment when serving in the Iowa Senate. (Clinton Herald, Oct. 17, 2014)

I don’t want someone who, as supervisor, has cost the Clinton County taxpayers thousands to settle a claim for repeated violation of open meeting regulations (September, 2017, Resolution 2017-227).

I don’t want someone who skips from job to job, a few years here, a few years there. I want someone who has enough commitment to stay in the job for more than two to three years.

Rhonda McIntyre is my choice for county treasurer. I hope she is yours.

Carol Machael,