Reader: Get informed about Easton Valley vote

I am honored to work with and for the people of Easton Valley. Together, school board, administration, and staff are doing a fine job educating the students in our district. In addition, the parents in this district are fantastic with their support and involvement. Our students' scholastic scoring is to be envied by others. We're proud of all student participation. Music, sports, cheerleading, FFA, trapshooting, Thespians ...the list of opportunity at Easton Valley is great.

Our district continues to grow strong. Our finances are healthy. Our staff keeps developing great curriculum and programs for our students. We have come a long way in a short time. We are not quite there yet, though. Security, handicap accessibility, modern science labs and larger FFA facilities are paramount in our buildings. Both buildings need to improve classrooms. We will need to replace locker rooms in Miles. Please know, there is no money being spent on gymnasiums or any athletic fields.

With the upcoming vote, please become informed. Learn the truth and research all aspects of the bond referendum. Basically, $8 million is required for the elementary building in Miles. The remaining million and a half will finish the project in the junior and senior high building in Preston.

This project is needed for the safety and future education of our young people. It is time to put our children first. Please be informed and know the facts. Then vote with that information for the continued success of the Easton Valley School District.

Richard Keeney,