Well the Feb. 6 election is barely over for Easton Valley voters and the insiders have started with their hatred again.

Last week I was accused of making ceiling tiles fall in the Miles Elementary building, voting more than once, putting out false information, and not making meetings on Facebook. All because of writing letters to the editor. I will explain to anyone that read my letters where I get my information and I have received and welcomed over 100-plus calls from other Easton Valley taxpayers and residents with questions about my resources and opinions. I respect the opinion of others and will exercise my right to not agree.

As far as the falling ceiling tiles go I do not have physic powers. I believe that should be addressed by the State of Iowa, Administration, Board and janitors. The Administration and Board are the parties responsible for building maintenance and Physical Plant and Equipment Levy money. It is obvious that the lack of maintenance is to gain support for the bond referendum passing but this decision is endangering the students.

I can guarantee that I only voted once in both elections concerning the bond referendum. Please contact Brian Moore, the county auditor, if you don’t believe me. I respect his ability to run clean elections.

As far as the false information that was mentioned regarding land. Granted I did not make any of the meetings but I did read the flyers and ballot before I voted. In the flyer sent out before the June 27, 2017 vote under the heading “What is on the ballot Tuesday, June 27th” it states at the end “to purchase land and improve sites?” It was also on the ballot. Someone wanted that option available. Now I did not send out the flyer, print the ballot or attend meetings but I can read. I sincerely hope no one is voting without reading the ballot.

I was accused of making a false statement about the newsletter. I did call the school when we stopped receiving the newsletters in the mail and I was told that in order to save on postage it was available on line or residents of Preston could pick up at the post office. I have not looked into it again. Last week I found out the school now sends it out if you call the office. That wasn’t an option at the time I called so forgive me for being willing to save the school some money.

I only owe God an explanation of what I do with my time – no one else. He is the one that blesses me with every second in my day and also the ability to use it wisely.

I believe that buildings do not educate children. Parents, siblings, church leaders, teachers and communities teach children.

I have stated and will continue to state my opinion of the whole bond referendum issue. I am still very opposed to it and will continue to argue my case.

I support all children and students. I guarantee that I will not knock ceiling tiles down, start a Facebook page under a false name or vote more than once. And I absolutely refuse to take comments or gossip on Facebook seriously. If you have a question about any of my letters you are free to contact me personally because they will continue and the insiders’ hatred and comments will not stop me. No one forces you to read the letters.

God bless and happy Easter!

Judi Henningsen,


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