President continues to show disrespect

With regard to the appointment of the former Clinton Schools Superintendent as Superintendent of the new international academy: What is she superintendent of? The so-called Pangaea Academy has no accreditation or teachers. All the Chinese students will be full-time Clinton High students pursuing an Iowa High School Diploma (bussed daily to and from the former Ashford U. campus where they are living). In reality, Deb Olson will be a second superintendent to the current superintendent. We will have two superintendents (Olson and DeLacy) for the Chinese students attending Clinton High and one (DeLacy) for all the local Clinton students. This will inevitably lead to redundancy and confusion (jurisdictional and other administrative problems).

This whole idea of bringing in a private company to use our public school resources needs to be examined by the courts so there will be case law for the future. I hope the American Civil Liberties Union takes the Clinton situation to court so Iowa and the USA will have legal guidelines for the future. There are 50,000 Chinese attending PRIVATE schools in the USA. They are doing very well there as tuition-paying students. But there may well be a big legal problem with Clinton High enrolling up to 315 Chinese students that Confucius International Education Group brings here, effectively leveraging our tax dollars to make a profit for a corporation headquartered not in Iowa, or anywhere in the USA, but in China.

Gary Heath,