Just a short word or two in support of efforts to establish a practical and enforceable nuisance ordinance in the community.

However, I would encourage the City Council to include trash burning, i.e.; paper and other burnables that many times in all reality is a mixture of paper, plastic and garbage emitting an extremely toxic smoke. With the availability of a recycling program this city offers its residents I see no need to allow burn barrel burning.

Perhaps some exceptions can be made for fall leaves, yet there again I enjoy several large shade trees in my yard and have never burned leaves once. Again the city provides a place I can take them after raking, so why burn at all?

The burn barrel should become a thing of the past. Eliminated entirely with absolutely no weekend burning. As people who are trying to enjoy their backyard/garden/pool/or just sitting with friends should not be subject to a neighbor who decides Saturday is the time to foul the air with the smoldering smudge pot called a burn barrel.

This burn barrel issue also is a nuisance, an extremely unhealthy one at that. Iā€™m hoping you can and will incorporate some burn barrel issues into the discussed nuisance ordinance.

I also thank you for your time and efforts in trying to make this a better community for all.

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