Something should be done with the old post office, even if it is not used as a children’s library. Somewhere there might be a grant for a different use. A lot of grants go unclaimed.

Many forgot that it served as a post office for a long time. You would go in and pick up mail, register a letter, send for a passport. Most got their business done and left. It is not a bar, no hanging around. For a long time part of the building was off limits to the general public. The loading dock was off limits and I can’t remember cutting through the alley between it and W.T. Grant’s, except maybe once on a holiday.

Walking along South Third Street, its architecture can remind one of the art Institute of Chicago or a building like a British museum. It looks like a big building from the outside. I don’t remember the space for the public as ever being long corridors. Of course that could all change. The entire inside could be remodeled, but could it be done still keeping it on the historic register?

Something should be done with it eventually or it may meet the near fate the Jacobsen building had a few years ago. Bricks fell out of it and it was nearly condemned. Eventually that building was rescued in the nick of time.

The last thing downtown Clinton needs is another parking lot. An out of towner told me the more things there are downtown the more people will want to come to our downtown. The more people the greater the likelihood they will spend dollars downtown.

Remember our downtown is sizable compared to the downtown of many other nearby communities.

It would take some work on the building but it could be done. Remember the Jacobsen building was saved.