This letter is in support of a candidate for the upcoming city election. Any letters in support of candidates for the upcoming election need to be turned in by Nov. 1 to be included in a Clinton Herald before the election.

I am writing this letter with my unreserved support for Julie Allesee as councilwoman for the 1st ward in Clinton County. I believe Julie has shown her qualities as a good leader and has been an excellent role model for our community while serving the City of Clinton in this capacity for the past four years. Julie has been responsive to the citizens in her ward and calls back when an individual or business has a concern or question. She tries to find assistance or to actively consider their position or concern and make changes when and where possible.

Julie has been part of the process to get a workable budget in place and has voted consistently to keep that budget and our taxes down. Her voting record will show that she is very conscious of how she spends your dollars as a citizen. Julie also voted yes to allocate dollars towards a continuing multi-year pavement project to improve and repair our city streets. She realizes the importance of a good infrastructure for our community and what that means.

Julie supports writing a Tiger grant in the hopes of turning the by-pass into a four-lane road and would like to see it extend all the way to Eagle Point Park. She also feels that the council should prioritize the redevelopment of the Ashford complex in the hopes of putting a STEM school in our community bringing both dollars and cultural diversity to our community.

Julie has spent most of her life making the city of Clinton a great place to live, work and play. Her positions at the Chamber of Commerce and the Convention and Visitors Bureau only go to show how invested Julie is in our community. I wholeheartedly ask for your support to re-elect Julie Allesee.

Lori L. Susie,


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