On Feb. 3, I found a flyer on the windshield of my vehicle for a bus trip to Tama set for Feb. 25. On Feb. 6 I took a check to the address listed on the flyer to purchase two tickets for my sister and I to go, $60 total payment.

On Feb. 22 I contacted the trip organizer for final details about the trip, which was supposed to take place three days later, and the woman hem-hawed around, asking if I knew of others that might want to go and I told her no I did not. She apparently needed more people to participate. When I again called back the next day, Feb. 23, it became apparent that there were not enough people to see the trip materialize so I asked the woman for a refund of my $60.

The woman claims she did not have the money to give back to me. Upon calling the bank I discovered my check was cashed Feb. 7. Subsequent attempts to contact her for a refund proved futile, resulting in my efforts to seek legal assistance to recoup my $60.

Since all of this happened I’ve discovered this same woman has solicited for yet another bus trip on Saturday. She was recently seen at Wal-Mart approaching people about this and I understand she’s announced the upcoming trip at her church.

I’m concerned for other, honest, innocent, trusting individuals risking the loss I’ve experienced.

Probably as a result of legal contacts I’ve made, I unexpectedly received a $30 moneygram on March 15 with a certified letter stating I was subject to a $15 cancellation fee per ticket because I “called on Feb. 13 and canceled my tour for no reason.”

I did not call on that date and cancel my reservation and there was no statement regarding a cancellation fee. I feel I’m still entitled to a full refund.

I’ll continue to pursue every legal avenue to recoup my full $60. I’m sharing this information hoping to prevent someone else from making the same time consuming, expensive mistake that I’ve experienced.

Please make sure to schedule trips with a reputable company or someone you know and trust. Unfortunately I learned

my lesson the hard way.