I am writing in favor of continuing the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy, and I am asking you to vote yes to continue this support. This is not a new tax; rather, this is a continuation of the levy already in place, and it will not increase what we pay to support the district’s buildings and grounds.

Clinton is in the process of building two new elementary schools, but the middle and high school buildings are aging and they must be maintained at a proper level. Further, it would be irresponsible not to have the funds available to maintain the two new elementary buildings.

Without continuing the PPEL funds these brand new buildings would age at a much faster rate. PPEL funds are used exclusively to maintain the district’s buildings and grounds, and not for salaries, classroom supplies, textbooks, heat or water use.

We compete with other cities in attracting new jobs and school building curb appeal for potential employers is also an important factor to consider. So, continue the commitment to maintaining Clinton’s new and “gracefully aging” buildings, and vote yes for the PPEL.

Jim McLallen, Clinton

I support the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy for a number of reasons, but primarily because 28 years ago I made a commitment to this community and its children when I accepted a teaching and coaching position here.

I have never regretted that decision because we have always been a strong district and community. We have weathered many storms, the closing of many buildings, declining enrollment and economic changes due to industries leaving or changing. Through it all we have survived. We are strong and committed.

The schools in this community have weathered the years of use by thousands of children (some of who are your readers). They are in need of funds to improve, update and just even fix problems. The passage of the PPEL will allow for many of these projects. By voting yes for the PPEL you can ensure that your children, grandchildren and neighborhood children will have quality facilities in which to achieve their dreams.

Renew your commitment and help to keep our schools and community something we can all be proud of. Vote yes on March 7 for the PPEL.

Barb Brondyke, Clinton

Barb Brondyke is chairwoman of the Clinton School District Wellness Department.

Clinton School District facilities are used by a large contingency of the Gateway area’s population as well as its students.

In the past year the following groups have benefited from these resources: Clinton Symphony Orchestra, Stay-N-Play preschool, Air Force Band, Miss Clinton County Pageant, Shriners, RCA Swim Team, Clinton Junior Wrestling, volleyball clubs, National Guard, Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Marine Corps, Clinton Parks and Recreation and Special Olympics.

Other local school students also benefited from the district facilities, including Prince of Peace, Central DeWitt, Northeast, Camanche and Clinton Community College students. These facilities are maintained and supported by Physical Plant and Equipment Levy funds.

Since the PPEL has been in place, students have benefited from improved facilities and many local businesses and contractors have been involved in district projects providing work for employees and paying taxes.

The PPEL does not increase your property tax rate nor does it affect the Iowa income surtax rate. Renewing the PPEL makes sense to protect and maintain the current $80 million invested in our school buildings and facilities. It is an investment in our community. Economic development is unlikely to occur within an area that does not show a strong commitment to its school system.

Support the PPEL and renew the commitment.

Pauline Carr, Clinton

We have a chance to continue a good thing.

On March 7 voters of the Clinton School District will be asked to consider renewing the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. PPEL has provided repairs, modifications and facility upgrades in the past. Continuing this positive action would not increase your property tax rate, nor does it affect the Iowa income surtax rate. There will be no new or additional taxes levied.

In the past, PPEL has been used for life safety improvements, fire prevention, Americans with Disabilities Act modifications and facilities upgrades/repairs. This has left dollars intended for the direct education of the student available for that purpose.

PPEL has been positive for the Clinton School District, especially its students. I’m asking you to help continue a good thing.

Lee Camp, Clinton