To the person speeding in the truck in the vicinity of 2030 400th Ave. on Thursday at approximately 9:30 a.m.:

I hope you made it to wherever you were going in such a hurry. Such a hurry that you hit and killed my granddaughter’s dog and didn’t have the courtesy to even stop to see what damage you’d caused or even how the dog was. Does it even bother you that, because of your actions and lack of consideration, a little girl is devastated that her favorite pet is dead?

I drive many of these gravel roads for a living and I know that most farms have pets that wander into the roads. I am constantly watching for these animals and have avoided many and have not hit one. No place is worth having to get to so much so that it puts lives in danger, whether it be pets or people.

Pets can become as important as people to some. Especially a little girl. I sincerely hope this message gets to you and others that feel our gravel roads are nothing more than race tracks.

We live on these roads and so do our pets. Slow it down!

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