I may have and sadly expected to inflame some readers on my letter on Feb. 7. However, I hoped to engage those who are seriously concerned about the issues involving those I love.

I am only a grandmother who has witnessed the neglect and abuse my own grandchildren have suffered at the hands of my mentally ill child who is a drug addict.

We are heartbroken grandparents who have observed and tried to intervene, only to be torn down by legal and social indifference of our grandchildren’s plight. We feel we have no legal recourse at this time, which in turn makes this society’s problem.

We as parents, like everyone, prayed for our children to grow up and be responsible, law abiding, and mentally ready mature adults to face the world. However, that was not meant to be for one of my children.

As I stated in my letter, had intervention happened a long time ago maybe things would not have spiraled out of control 10 years later. Now we are dealing with confused, angry, insecure, bewildered offspring of our child and pray that they also grow up and be productive adults in this society. They are innocent and they deserve to be safe, secure and happy.

Due to our child’s mental illness with drug addiction and personality disorders there is only us to save these forgotten little ones.

When parents use poor judgment and lack enough insight, the children suffer. When the parents are non compliant with medication and counseling the children suffer.

I won’t abide by this, neither should society. Society should not accept this as someone else’s problem. It is serious, it is now.

It’s not just the mothers and or fathers who end up in the system but so do these children. It is in fact society’s problem and we all need to care.

When I see my grandchildren suffer, I do not apologize nor will I soften or deny what is happening. I continue to pray that my child is compliant and succeeds with addressing the mental and addictive issues that they face and move forward positively even if it means with or without their children.