I think it is wonderful our city has decided to rent 325 spaces in Clinton High School to out-of-district students so that a private company can make a profit.

That is roughly one-fourth of the enrollment (which can rise, by one estimate, to as high as 37 percent should the students open enrolling in Northeast High or enrolling in Unity Christian and Prince of Peace max out in response to the added burden on CHS resources).

The profits the company makes will help spread prosperity throughout our area. Privatizing Clinton High will energize our local economy, causing businesses to prosper and producing many jobs.

I think we can also help private enterprise flourish by leasing Eagle Point Park to a company that will erect toll booths, with a percentage of the revenue going to our city. We will all do our patriotic best and make many visits to Eagle Point. Each visit we make will add prosperity to us all.

I can hardly wait.

Gary Heath, Clinton

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