Dear voters of Easton Valley: I write to you today as the parent of three children who will go through their educational careers as students of Easton Valley.

I am also a homeowner and landowner in the district. As parents we want the very best for our children from the beginning. We do everything to ensure that they have the best start in life all the way until we send them out into the world at their high school graduation.

Ask yourselves this question. Is the current state of our Easton Valley elementary building in Miles the very best we can do for our kids? Yes, there are parts of the school that were recently improved and while that did some to alleviate the burdens on the building, there is still much work that can be done.

I urge you to go to the school's website or Facebook page and view the slideshow put together by members of the Student Lighthouse Team that goes over many of the challenges our students and teachers face on a daily basis. I also urge you to check out the videos that go over many of the areas that the proposed plans will address if the referendum passes. Safety is the No. 1 priority, as well as improving accessibility and classroom environments for our children. By thinking "win-win" and finding a solution that both maximizes funding and keeps the tax burden low, our kids can look forward to a bright future at a new and improved K-6 building in Miles for many years to come.

As a community we worked so hard to conceIve and deliver on the promise of Easton Valley (EVery Student EVery Day) that we cannot afford to let yet another opportunity for improvement pass us by. See you at the polls on Feb. 6!

Jessica Franzen,


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