Easton Valley residents: before you cast your vote on Feb. 6, please read what is on the ballot.

The ballot only states the amount of the general obligation bonds to be contracted as $8,900,000. It does not state the amount of tax needed for the bonds and the number of years needed to pay them off.

Do the bonds not have a specific tax amount and pay-off date? A yes vote on this ballot gives the administration and school board a signed blank check where your taxes are concerned. They are already going to raise the income surtax up to 9 percent.

Mr. Fee stated in his Jan. 17, 2018 article in the Preston Times, “they are confident that even with the passage of the vote we will be able to keep our property tax rate at approximately $15 or less for the next 5 years.” That is no set property tax amount and it means absolutely nothing.

How many times have we heard our taxes will not go up? A flyer was sent out with very misleading pictures. My question is where is the PPEL money being used if there are structural deficiencies now? With enrollment down and smaller classes, why is there not adequate space? Why were offices more important than science labs? The “insiders” are so sure that all of the “no” voters want to shut the school down. I wonder if it has ever occurred to any of them that possibly the ones that vote “no” want Easton Valley Schools to stay open, but they want the administration and school board to be fiscally responsible.

Judi Henningsen,