Wake upClinton taxpayers

Back in 2010, Clinton residents were quietly placed on the hook for several million dollars to Clinton County.

In my opinion this “deal” was an ill-conceived financial agreement by those who love to spend other people’s money. These who placed the people on the hook like this are long gone but the debt remains and coming due. It is my understanding this deal was made for the Clinton Railpark and was imagined that it would be paying for itself by now.

However, this is not the case. It seems that originators of this deal forgot to take into account two things that have crippled the selling of this railpark. The first being Iowa’s corporate/business tax climate which is quite anti-business, the second being, at the time of conception, it seemed every Iowa community with rail access was getting on board the railpark train and building a railpark.

This had made quite a competition for the few manufacturers available to locate within railparks; quite a fierce endeavor. Recently it was announced that the new jailhouse construction is about $2.1 million over budget and does not seem that any brakes have been applied to stop this financial hemorrhage anytime soon. This construction project was voter approved for $22 million.

What I find odd is the lack of real concern by the county about this over-budget crisis other than to say that many cuts have been made to interior items. In my opinion I find this cost overrun extremely suspicious due to the fact that the railpark loan is coming due to be paid back by Clinton taxpayers. I am now under the belief that these huge overruns were anticipated and would be paid for by the return of railpark monies.

Which then would explain the lack of real concern about the $2.1 million over budget by the Clinton County Board of Supervisors. Because not only are the city of Clinton taxpayers going to help foot the bill on the approved $22 million, city of Clinton taxpayers alone are also going to foot the bill for the entire over budget costs as well. In a recent article within the Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 edition of the Clinton Herald, city of Clinton’s Mayor Mark Vulich said it all when he was quoted as saying, “There seems to be some unclear items as far as what is the actual dollar amount that the citizens of Clinton need to pay for this” when discussing the amount the county wants paid back on the railpark monies to be able to cover the over $2 million over-budget costs. Wake up Clinton taxpayers, we have been had by this one, by those who love to spend other people’s money.

Robert Mueller,


Thanks to LumberKings hospitality

I’d like to let Clinton and surrounding areas know what a greatgroup Ted and hisstaff and the Clinton LumberKings baseball stadium are as well asmy baseball friendsand my family.

The kindness and help that I received night after night when I was able to get to a game. It made it easier for me to get to my seat and enjoy the games. It was very much appreciated and I won’ t forget your kindness and help.

Gealea Woods,


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