What is happening to our Humane Society?

The Board of Directors terminated our well-respected administrator. Past volunteer board members and staff have either been terminated or quit under apparent duress from the remaining board. Volatile board meetings are held where unhappy, dues paying shelter members confront the board with their concerns and request their resignations. Members have been lost, fund-raisers stopped, volunteers stay away, financial contributors are upset and withholding their monies. The shelter’s board members have retained a lawyer from the prestigious law firm of Lane and Waterman LLP from Davenport. What are they hiding? Who’s paying for their services?

This board appears to be self-appointing and self-governing. Although it receives public funds and must conform to specifically detailed rules and regulations governing non-profit organizations, the board feels the need to answer to no one. Why?

Where is the treatment of the animals fitting into this unfortunate situation? Let’s get this over with and move forward towards constructive and positive vision and mission statements… reach an agreement. Above all, the primary concern and focus needs to be on the animals, their care and quality of life.

This board has lost the trust and respect of shelter members, donors and volunteers. The board is in a position where if they do not resign the shelter will be in peril of having to cut back services or perhaps even close. How can they, in good conscience, continue to sit on this board knowing full well the animals will be the ones to suffer?

Enough is enough. Simply put, this board apparently needs to resign in order for the shelter to reorganize and get back to business.