Citizens of Clinton should be aware that many businesses and families have been receiving solicitations by mail or telephone from companies asking you to support Clinton High School athletics through monetary donations.

These companies are often promoting calendars, posters and event schedules. A majority, if not all, of these companies give little or no money back to our athletic program. Most are from outside the Clinton area, some as far away as California. None of these companies are authorized to solicit donations for Clinton High School athletics.

The Clinton High River King and Queen Athletic Booster Club is the main fund-raising organization for Clinton High School athletics and 100 percent of all donations are used to support our athletes.

We are a non-profit organization, which through corporate and family donations, provides financial support to Clinton River King and Queen athletics. This support helps pay for equipment, facility upgrades, uniforms, kickoffs and numerous other benefits to our athletes that they would not otherwise have.

If you receive a solicitation by mail or telephone from someone selling items for Clinton athletics, be sure you ask where they are from and the name of the company. The Booster Club solicits funds through personal contact and does not use the assistance of any company.

Your payments to the Booster Club should be sent to Clinton River King and Queen Athletic Booster Club, c/o Tom Kelly, Treasurer, Box 516, Clinton, IA 52733-0516. We do not take donations via credit card. Please call if you have questions about your donation.

Thanks to our many business and family sponsors for your continued support. If you are not a sponsor and would like to become one, please contact me at 242-5423.

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