I am writing with the question “Why” would Clinton Mayor LaMetta Wynn decide to enter the race against incumbent Sen. Roger Stewart?

It appears to me that the GOP party wanted a candidate they feel could win the seat in Des Moines. Well, that is smart thinking on their part, but why? Roger Stewart has done the job he was elected to do and continues to listen, learn and act! Roger has earned the votes and should be re-elected in my opinion.

I do not live in Iowa, I live across the river, the river that enjoins our communities, not divides us, and Roger has worked diligently with our state legislators to create unification on a bi-state level to better the entire River Cities community. We all need each other for economic development and regional growth.

LaMetta has been a good mayor, a good past president of the school board and has served the community very, very well. I personally do not understand why she would want to try and “unseat” a good politician and a great person.

The Democratic party has been very good to LaMetta during her terms as mayor and she in turn has been good to both parties, working in a manner of “high regard” by her peers and others involved in government affairs.

I have written to LaMetta personally prior to this letter and I have advised her that as much as I care for her, I will be supporting Roger Stewart for re-election and I will ask all voters to review his voting records and vote the candidate, not the party.