My great-great-great-grandfather served as a scout for the Colonists on the Western frontier of Virginia and Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War. My great-great-uncle served with Company D of the Iowa Infantry and at age 24, in 1864, he died in Georgia where he is buried. My father served in the United States Army Air Force in World War II and my father-in-law served with the Navy in the Pacific in World War II. My brother and I enlisted during the Vietnam War and served in Vietnam. One of my first cousins served in the infantry there and was wounded.

My family’s history has been one of resisting tyranny in the Revolutionary War, slavery during the Civil War, and Nazism and Communism in WWII and Vietnam. I would be shaming my ancestors and doing my living family members a great dishonor, if I were to adhere to any of the Neo-Nazi, white supremacist or other oppressive tenets that seem so rampant in our country today. I would also be dishonoring my Lord Jesus who urged us all to live in peace and consider as neighbors even those persons who we might think to disdain.

It is always time to stand up for respect and freedom as our great united nation has always professed.

The Rev. Daniel C. Schadt (retired),


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