We just don’t get it. How can it be that we are now entering the boating season and still do not have a marina operator contract in place?

We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on city meeting agendas and have reported on the marina discussions. And we understand that when a contract isn’t ready to be signed because more work needs to be done, then that work should be done.

However, the item continues to be placed on agendas, both regular city council schedules and special sessions, and there is yet no inked deal.

That disturbs us, because had it not been for the cooler weather we’ve been having, boaters no doubt would be entering the water and ready to set up in their slips.

Not only that, the last City Council meeting indicated that councilmen were not fully happy with the marina dockage costs.

The dockage proposal did pass, barely, but it has us wondering — why the dissension at such a late date? It’s not as if the city did not know this would be the year that a new improved marina would be open to boaters, on the heels of Vision Iowa improvements that have been in the works for years.

And it’s not as if the city didn’t know it would have to look for a new operator this year. That’s been known for months. We hope that tonight’s council meeting brings a resolution and that a new marina operator contract is signed.

It’s a contract that’s long past due.