In this day and age, the phrases “sharing resources” and “regional cooperation” are buzzwords that are tossed around a lot.

They are used to describe the need to have groups from different regions with the same mission work together for a common goal.

One such project that is the perfect example of how regional cooperation should work is the Gateway Area Police Administrators, a shared commitment between officers from Clinton, Camanche, DeWitt, Clinton County and Fulton, Ill.

The chiefs of those departments have been sharing resources for several years and determining ways they can work together for the common good.

One of their prime examples is the Gateway Area Hazardous Entry Approach Team.

The group is made up of officers from each department who respond to such incidents as barricaded suspects, hostage situations, kidnappings and search warrant entries in any of the towns.

Another example of shared resources is the new vehicle that transports officers to these situations. Purchased by the Clinton City Council with an agreement that the other agencies will help pay for its maintenance, this new piece of equipment will help officers as they work to keep the area safe.

This is a great use of resources that not only benefits the departments when it comes to training and needed resources but for the residents who will one day need these services as well.

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