After reading Councilman John Rowland’s Letter to the Editor from Feb. 9, my immediate reaction was stunned disbelief.

What kind of a councilperson would write something so slanderous and have it published?

This is the second such letter written by Mr. Rowland since last December. I am sure many agree that rather than making our mayor look bad, these letters have had quite the opposite effect.

The mayor looks like the sane, steady presence in an otherwise unstable city government.

A couple of things for citizens to consider:

1. In today’s world of global communication, how does this kind of diatribe make the city of Clinton look to anyone even remotely considering relocating a business or family to the area?

2. Citizens of Clinton are overwhelmingly concerned about their ever-increasing taxes and fees, yet when the mayor vetoes additional spending he is slandered by a member of the City Council. Exactly who does Mr. Rowland represent, the citizens who elected him or himself?

3. Mr. Rowland’s letter seems strikingly similar to the rant by Ed O’Neill, which was published in the Herald a few months ago. As I recall, O’Neill was asking for everyone to resign. Are O’Neill and Rowland working together to “take over the city?”

As a final thought for both Mr. Rowland and Mr. O’Neill: At times when you are very angry or upset, it is therapeutic to record your thoughts but it is always best to wait a few days to calm down and reflect before having them published for the world to see.

I believe the quote goes something like this — “‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Tina Cahoon,


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