I attended the candidate forum at City Hall and was struck by the fact that Ed O’Neill was not only the most prepared with an ample amount of facts, figures, and examples to prove his claims, but that he was the most independent thinker on the panel. Many times the other candidates referred to and agreed with Ed’s claims but they also seemed to be consistently in lock step with each other.

Ed showed his independence of thought especially when it came to the TIGER grant application and the North River Drive project. We need a person on the city council who is inquisitive and willing to dig into the issue before making a decision.

Ed also is willing to listen to everyone. I have had the pleasure of going to a couple of his public monthly forums at the Ericksen Center on the first Saturday of each month. He has helped to inform the public and heard the concerns of many people by providing a space for conversation about the issues we face in Clinton. He has worked to bring the Single-Stream Recycling program and helped to educate everyone about the details and benefits of this program.

You and I might not agree with Ed all of the time but I am certain that he is willing to truly listen to someone who disagrees and be open to changing his mind. In my opinion, we need an entire city council that is willing to do that. I would like to encourage the voters in the 3rd Ward to re-elect Ed O’Neill in next Tuesday’s election.

Bill Jacobs,


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