I am writing in response to Scott Levine’s article, “Residents Step Up To Help With Storm Cleanup.” I would like to share a similar experience that happened to us.

We had a large limb come down at our house. It was partially in the street and was also blocking our mailbox.

I had  been experiencing extreme back pain and wasn’t able to deal with it at that time.

On Thursday my sister and brother-in-law came to help cut it up and clean it up. We tried and tried to get my chainsaw going.

There was no way it would start so we started doing it by hand.

An elderly couple drove by and saw us working on it. They were probably in their mid 70s. They stopped and got out a chainsaw. What would have taken us all day to do, he had finished in just a few minutes.

None of us had ever seen him before. I have no idea who he is. They drove off, probably looking for someone else who needed help.

So thank you Mr. chainsaw man.

Mark Hubbart,


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