Well I just read that a voucher system may replace the large-item pick up.  I am sorry but this is totally unacceptable to me and I am sure many other residents of this city.

I do not own a truck. I am on disability and a senior citizen.  For two people we pay $176 for our water and the same amount for our sewer for two people.  We do not have leaks...this is the way it is. Not to mention taxes going up over and over again. People can’t afford to live in Clinton anymore.

I have lived in the city since 1985.  I have lived in the north end since 1998.  The potholes are never fixed. This is another poor excuse for not fixing city roads. I would wager, if I had any money that the pot holes will remain unchanged in the event the voucher system is put in place. It is just another excuse for poor management.

Does the city ever wonder why people are leaving? Did they do a survey on students who said the city has nothing to offer?  It stinks, nothing for kids or teens to do.  I raised four children in Clinton, none of them live here. Why would they want to? Now they are looking to raise taxes because the new middle school may not be able to hold the sewer needs.  Should this not have been studied prior to building in the area? Well all I can say is to the residents on 13th Avenue North...welcome to my world.

I live near the Eagle Heights Elementary and am just waiting for someone to drown after a rainfall because the huge run off certainly stays 3-4 foot deep or deeper depending on how much rain. Prime building lot if you like mosquitoes.

We are constantly looking for a place that we can move to, just because $225,000 homes are built in our area should not mean our taxes should be raised on a 1976 home...can’t argue with the assessors...they know best.  Wish the real estate market would reflect the same.

So please contact your City Council members and ask them to say “no” for the citizens of Clinton.

Merlyn Law, Clinton

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