I am writing in behalf of my husband in response to the letter to the editor of the Feb. 29 Clinton Herald by Lynn Seitz, in response to what he said about the City Assessor’s Office.

If it related to the city it is part of the city budget. Here is an example of what I mean. The County Assessor’s Office is the county. So the City Assessor’s Office is part of the city of Clinton and we the citizens of Clinton pay their wages out of our taxes.

My husband did not talk about the Clinton School District in his letter to the editor.

He talked about letting the firemen and the police officers go. The canine dog is also considered a police officer. We cannot lose anymore police officers, because Clinton has a big problem with drugs already and if we lost any more officers in this town we will have a bigger problem with drugs and other crimes. That’s why I feel we have to eliminate in other areas. Also, James Holstein of Springfield, Ill., mentioned eliminating the City Assessor’s office and combining it with the county in his letter to the editor on Nov. 26. He still has a home in Clinton and pays taxes to the city.

I think we need to save the jobs of the people who protect us by putting their lives on the line. Which would you rather have, the assessor or the police and fire department?

Jean Medinger, Clinton