READER: Support O'Neill

We are getting a lot of information on who is running in the 2012 election but not much on the local front.

In Clinton there are several people running for city offices, some incumbents and some new candidates. As for the incumbents and the ex-mayor they were there when all the mistakes were made and did not stop them or sound an alarm.

Now we are deep in debt and laying off city staff who had nothing to do with this mess. I have done my home work and believe of those that are on the ballot Ed O'Neill for Mayor and John Rowland for Council at Large are the best choice.

They have experience and education; they studied what happened with all the closed sessions and will avoid all unnecessary closed meetings. Anyone who has questions about events as they unfolded and why we are now in such trouble should contact Ed or John for the facts.

And when elected they will be available through public meetings so we can ask questions and voice our opinions. Please get out there and vote for Ed O’Neill and John Rowland.

Charles Smith, Clinton

More reporting needed on Preston’s role in school issue

Andy Leheny’s continued coverage of the East Central–Northeast-Preston saga provokes many in these communities to wonder at the “focus” the Clinton Herald presents in this heated issue.  His articles have centered on the EC Board actions, which include this year's 7-12 whole grade sharing to Northeast.   In addition, the EC board’s two appeals to higher courts against the people’s right to vote have been given wide coverage.   Mention has also been made of a new feasibility study, this time of a potential Northeast merger with East Central.  This study will apparently soon be forthcoming from a hired consultant outside the Department of Education. Lately, there was a front page article covering EC students’ opinions of life at Northeast.  As a former EC teacher of all these displaced students, I am extremely glad at the adjustment all of them have made to their new schools, Northeast, Preston, or wherever the 7-12 age group are enrolled.  Very pleased.  Around a hundred kids are going to schools other than Northeast, mostly to Preston, with closed EC borders necessitating RTA transport to Preston.  A review of those other students might be in order for balanced reporting.

The fact still remains that the real issue not covered by Mr. Leheny  is about the people of the EC district (and Preston) having a direct say in what they want for their children's education.  That’s obviously how the Area 9 Agency's governing board and the Honorable Mary E. Howes, District Court Judge, saw it.  That is how many people see the issue at hand. It’s a straightforward, simple matter of the right to vote, which has been re-appealed to higher courts by EC board action and stalled in litigation for the second time.  Citizens may have to wait another one to two years until an outcome is once again decided to the EC board's re-appeal of a community vote.  In total, a possible three years or longer wait is a long time for communities to stay mired in such a heated debate.  It takes its toll on kids, families, friendships, businesses, churches, and  neighbors.  The people are torn and tired;  it’s ultimately just a very sad thing.  Let’s see the Clinton Herald and Mr. Leheny pay attention to the real issue.  And, above all, let’s hope the EC board reconsiders their latest appeal.  

Whichever side of the fence one sits, it would be good to bring on the vote and let the communities move ahead, whatever is decided.

Laurel Gruhn, Clinton

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