Do you know Bill Schemers?

Neither did I. But I met Bill and his wife Kelly and I liked them. After 30 years away from Clinton, I went to a City Council meeting. There sat Bill taking it all in. We Clintonians are kinda funny in that we want things to improve. We actually have faith that they will. And we assume someone wants to step up to the plate and make it better. Well, “we” certainly are not banging down any doors to get elected to City Council; I know I’m not.

Back to Bill. He really is banging on doors to sit on our City Council. He goes to Des Moines to research state issues and find out what is going on. He not only wants to serve Clinton, he believes he can make it better. He likes Clinton so much that he relocated his family to Clinton to raise his children.

I have attended a few more City Council meetings and Bill is at every meeting. The audience doesn’t amount to many citizens so it is easy to find him. In fact, if you need to know how to submit a question…ask Bill. He helped me.

My point is this:

If you want positive change and a new perspective to making that change, come Nov. 7 vote for Bill Schemers.

Rhonda Kearns,


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