We are Clinton residents in the Third Ward and Ed O’Neill has been our councilman for the past four years. Ed has maintained open and transparent communication with people living in the Third Ward and with all other residents of Clinton as well.

Ed conducts monthly public forums on council news with Q/A sessions and has “Council Chatterbox” on KCLN radio twice a month. He schedules both of these program formats to hear from and inform Clinton citizens so as to arrive at thoughtful and sensible decisions on issues that come before the council. He researches issues, listens to his council colleagues and visits with constituents to determine the best decisions for our community. Ed returns constituents’ calls promptly and will visit areas of the ward that have a concern to the residents.

Ed has been a member of the council that has reduced the sewer fund deficit by $1.8 million, reduced the city tax levy the last four years and helped reduce solid waste costs by $2.1 million.

Ed has proven that he has the vision, experience, dedication, determination and work ethic to be an advocate and watchdog of the taxpayers’ money. He has been a resident of Clinton for 30 years and is committed to keeping Clinton on a positive path to the future.

We encourage our neighbors in the 3rd Ward to re-elect Ed O’Neill to the Clinton City Council on November 7.

Carol McGuire and Camy McGuire,